To Keanu Reeves , with Love--a fan book. (To Keanu Reeves, with Love--a fan book. Book 1)

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Back to Entertainment homepage. Back to English News homepage. Mehr zum Thema. English-News Vampire Movie 'Twilight' takes a big bite out of the box office. Trixie immediately became cozy with Rex when they were introduced. By Toy Story 2 , Bo and Woody had rekindled their interest in each other, but there was too much going on with the whole Woody-gets-kidnapped plot for many sparks to fly.

Perhaps just like Andy playing with his forgotten toys, these two will pick things up right where they left off. Even more so than other Pixar properties, the Toy Story series is laced through and through with extremely emotional themes for adults and kids alike.

Keanu Reeves Praised By Fans For The Way He Takes Photos With Women

These films are as much about the inexorable march of time as Boyhood , as concerned with mortality as The Seventh Seal , and as infused with existentialism as any Charlie Kaufman project. These films are every bit as profound as they are funny.

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Presumably, the gang has spent the intervening years since the previous film waiting around for Forky to arrive. This rom-com perfectly depicts the fear soon-to-be brides have about bachelor parties. But when something goes wrong on their flight, they work together to ensure Affleck makes his wedding on time. Based on Rebecca Wells's novel of the same name, Bullock plays a successful playwright name Siddalee Walker. Once her mother, Viv Ellen Burstyn , reads the sensationalized profile story, all hell breaks loose.

Similar to In Love and War , Bullock transports back in time to play the love interest of another famed writer in this period film. This time it's Truman Capote.

Ali Wong on ‘Always Be My Maybe,’ Keanu Reeves and the Perils of Fame

If you enjoyed the movie Capote , you definitely have to watch Bullock as Nell Harper Lee, Capote's research assistant. Her character helps him to unearth the information that would later inspire and make up one his best works, the true-crime thriller In Cold Blood.

TTL Nerd - Keanu Reeves & Alexandra Grant Book Signing Event

The title pretty much gives away the premise of this drama. While there, she meets a few patients who help her to turn her life around, one of them being actor Viggo Mortensen. Bullock and Reeves reunited again for this sleeper hit their first was Speed. But this time, instead of falling in love on an ill-fated bus ride through Los Angeles, a special lake house is at the center of this moving story.

Keanu Reeves says he jumped at alien role

Essentially, Reeves and Bullock are pen pals, separated not just by space but also time. While the idea of two strangers writing love letters to each other is promising enough to earn a top 10 placement, the confusing time travel element is why it doesn't rank higher. This thriller is tragically underrated. So we righted the wrong by putting it in our top Unlike The Lake House , the time jumps in Premonition actually make sense.

Once upon a time in Nicole Kidman and Bullock portrayed sisters in this fantasy film. Oh, and did we mention the pretty duo are witches who eat chocolate cake for breakfast? Dessert in the morning and the ability to cast spells?

Keanu Reeves photo flashback - life in pictures | Gallery |

Sounds pretty cool. Any man they meet and fall in love with ends up dying. Okay, you had us at Ernest Hemingway. He is injured and sent to a military hospital in Italy to recover.

Did Sandra Bullock Die In 12222

We never knew we needed these two together in a female buddy cop movie until we got 's The Heat. The unlikely combo results in a lot of laughs, drunken nights, and self-discovery.

Keanu Reeves is known for being one of the nicest actors in Hollywood

She commands the screen just as much as her hilarious partner, whom she reluctantly teams up with to take down a drug lord. Crossing our fingers for the sequel fans so deserve. Yes, Sandra, we really love you in this one. But Bullock, Caine, and Bratt make a movie about the pageant world actually entertaining and memorable.

Jackson, Sutherland, and Kevin Spacey. Bullock shines in the role of attorney Ellen Roark. Oh, and be honest, in the midst of hoping justice prevails, were you secretly hoping McConaughey and Bullock would hook up? Just us? Though she's surrounded by legendary actors such as Reeves, Dennis Hopper, and Jeff Daniels in the film, watching her take control of a passenger bus and stand up to the bad guy will leave you feeling empowered. But don't count on Bullock and Reeves reuniting for another Speed movie in the future.

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  5. You didn't think we'd actually leave out one of the funniest movies of , did you? Bullock is sharp as ever as the workaholic book editor, Margaret Tate, who is about to be deported back to Canada unless she marries to keep her Visa status. She gets her unwilling assistant, Andrew Paxton Ryan Reynolds , to agree to do it. What starts out as an engagement of convenience ends up turning into a unexpected romance. Type keyword s to search.

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