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How does this training certification help in the IT industry? Android Developer Certification Course Reviews. Simple and easy to follow The instructor gives clear explanation in easy to follow manner. Linked Greg Kowalczyk. Linked Anantha Eswar R. Free Software Development Course.

By continuing above step, you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Login details for this Free course will be emailed to you. Leaving so soon? Please provide your Email ID. Email ID is incorrect. You get access to all 40 courses , 17 Projects bundle. You do not need to purchase each course separately. You get to learn the complete app development process using the latest Android versions. Anyone who is serious about app development using Android and wants to make a career in this Field.

Yes, you get verifiable certificates for each course with a unique link. Course Name. Course Description. Core Java Programming For Beginners. You will learn fundamentals of java and working in Eclipse IDE. Android apps — Java Essential for Android development. This Parts covers essentials of java for android app development which includes Methods, switch statements, loops, lists concepts, Most importantly array concepts, sets, and maps. The main objective of this course is to learn all about android which comprises of introductory part, Working with UI Components and Layouts.

Multimedia Mobile Apps in Android. This course trainees you in the practical demo of capturing pictures and how it helps in saving and giving notifications. You will master Implementation on activity manager and creation of the app. This course is an important step, you shall learn features like different types of Layouts and its working. Android Native UI controls- Beginners. This training aims at UI controls and text view details. Android Native UI controls- Advanced. This course helps you to understand the best practices on UI controls design and implementation and enriching content with view stud, switchers their layouts and more.

Learn about the intents introduction and activity cycle and how to use it effectively for detailed UI design.

This essential training will teach how to work with custom UI interface which includes font text, style, Autocomplete view, and custom spinner demos. You will learn to deploy grid and adapter with recycling view. You will discover how to use fragments in Android apps by implementing various list fragments and working with landscape and portrait mode.

This course takes you to work with media application by interacting user and the system. You will explore audio system manager by implementing audio recording and working with stuff like play, pause, stop, recording, etc.

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In this course, You will discover how to send email using plain text and Gmail and android drag and drop, notifications, Phone calls. In this android developer certification course, you will understand How to program notifications on android phone Media, screen, Inbox, update. This Android developer training covers Basic introduction on android SQLite followed by database creation using tables, Update operation and set up and UI design.

In this course, you will work on Android touch base move and swipe, Touch event in view, Multitouch android. This course explains how you can use Xamarin to deliver android. You will learn the basic introduction on google map APIs. You can use existing content and social networking feeds to produce a variety of different approaches for your app. It delivers rich graphics, photos, video, audio and other forms of interactivity.

GENWI also enables you to revise your apps as often as you like.

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What's more, apps can include various revenue-generating capabilities for businesses, like ads, coupons and in-app subscriptions. After a three-month trial, pricing varies by features included. Mippin One of the greatest strengths of the London-based Mippin platform is its ease of use. It allows you to create apps for Android, iOS and Windows, and provides flexibility in designing the app. You can even have Mippin distribute your app for you to the iTunes, Android, Windows and Amazon stores. Related: App Development Methods Decoded.

MobBase Are you a singer or in a band? If so, then MobBase is for you. This app builder allows you to use an RSS feed to keep your fans up to date on band news and events, lets you upload tracks for fans to listen to while browsing the apps and makes it easy for fans to find information on upcoming shows, buy tickets and get directions.

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Additional fees for support services are not included. MobiCart Do you have an e-commerce store that you'd like to take into the mobile sphere? Then MobiCart might be what you're looking for. It links up with PayPal to allow any business or consumer with an e-mail address to securely, conveniently and cost-effectively send and receive payments online.

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All you have to do is provide content videos, books, etc. You don't need a technical background to develop an app with MyAppBuilder. They'll even take care of the hassle of uploading it to the app store for you. With this cross-device platform, you can build live prototypes that use the full capabilities of iOS and Android devices and deploy to whatever platform your customers need. The site is also packed with plenty of tutorials to help you along the way. ShoutEm Another easy-to-use platform is available via ShoutEm , which is set up for bloggers, students, sports fans, news portals and local publishers.

You don't have to have knowledge of coding to set up your app, and ShoutEm will even take care of the iTunes and Android Marketplace submission process. SwebApps Here is a simple, inexpensive way to build, track and update a native mobile app for your business.

Once it is available for download via the iTunes Store or Android Marketplace you can update content in real time through SwebApps. Building your own app can be an effective way to differentiate your brand, to open up new revenue channels and deepen your relationship with your customers. So this only took about 2 hours, another 30 minutes to create some screenshots and submit the update.

Again it made almost no difference to sales, if anything it went backwards.

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It was time to go free. Wow did things get interesting! I think the chart says it all. I was floored. It became the 1 fitness iPad app in 68 countries. The 1 fitness iPhone app in 49 countries. And top 10 overall in 12 countries. It even made top 5 overall in countries like Netherlands, here it is on the front page:.