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In the name of God Rise of Islam a. This mod is based on sands of faith. As you dear friends may know , Victorian Era is our main project but unfortunately our team is too weak recently so that it's very difficult to continue it at the moment , but as soon as we solve our problems and make our team strong again , we will keep it up.

Until that time , I decided to work on a new modification and as you may have noticed , its name is Rise of Islam a. This mod focuses on an important historical Era and events which completely changed the world. The East remained powerful and Magnificent , but at a. Then a new power rises "Rashidun Caliphate" they conquered all the Arabian Peninsula and prepared themselves to invade lands of the Sassanid Empire and Romans!!

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Caliph Omar is preparing a strong army in order to defeat both Romans and Sassanids , he already knows those Empires are too weak , He wants to develop his Caliphate as much as he can. Shah Yazdegerd III has become the new ruler of Sassanid Empire , he is a 23 years old man and he knows how weak his Empire is , he needs to organize an army and prepare defenses and defend his mighty Empire.

Now it's you , you are the person who can take a part in history and do something that can change the world forever! Important We are doing our best to take a neutral side in this project , it's very important for us to keep all factions and nations respected.

The Declaration of Independence Is Hard to Read

Our discord group Discord. Credits will be updated. We will be glad of hearing your suggestions and ideas , your support is always appreciated! Best Regards. Greetings dear friends Nowadays we are working hard on our new update which is called " Update 2 "! This update will be a standalone version, it means you won't need to download the previous versions.

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No files were found matching the criteria specified. We suggest you try the file list with no filter applied, to browse all available. For example, Sands of Faith allows players to have the "Teutonic Order" as their own faction when a city is captured and you can change faction culture to Teutonic by the chancellor to' technically' have your own faction. Does this mod have something similar?

It has the same features as it's based on sands of faith : But instead of the Teutonic order, you can play as the Barbarians :.


Rise of Islam 634 A.D. mod for Mount & Blade: Warband

Really enjoying this mod. Been on it for a week or so playing, testing ect ect. Greetings dear friends I hope you are all doing well. We are going to release the new update Update 2 in this month and we are currently seeing if we can add some new scenes for Western Gokturks!

Civilization VI: Rise and Fall

So that all our factions will have scenes based on their culture and so on. Greetings, I'm glad to hear that! Thank you guys for what you're doing for us.

How General Motors rose, fell — and rose again to become the top US automaker

I'd like to ask you, do you have any "beta testers"? If you do, it's all good. But if you don't, I could offer myself to you.. It would be an honor to me! Thank you guys again! Greetings to you : Yeah we need a few people to test the new update before we officially release it, we should make sure there is no error or something. You can join our discord server if you wish. Alright, I will do that soon. Do I need to do anything else? Or should I just ask some moderators?

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Also I'd like to say that I admire you responding to everything people say.. Nothing else : CAJ's developer is a good person, perhaps he is just busy these days, so he can't reply to each comment :. Yeah, I know that.

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In the s, the two held makeshift art and music exhibits on the boardwalk and long dreamed of expanding to a major festival, but no promoter would take a bet on Asbury. Donnelly said. Parts of the city away from the sleek waterfront struggle with poverty. Crime remains a problem and the summer saw multiple shootings , including one on the boardwalk during the Fourth of July weekend.

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But whatever the challenges, the city continues to boom. In July, the Asbury Ocean Club, a luxury hotel, opened in a new high-rise along the water. Asbury Park has played host to large music festivals in the past. It was shocking.

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There were, like, broken foundations of buildings. Almost every musician who performed here years ago has a story about their early experiences in Asbury Park. Jake Clemons, the saxophonist for Mr. But the recent festival offered a stark counterpoint. As he whizzed on a golf cart among the three stages to sit in with various artists, Mr. Clemons — whose uncle was Clarence Clemons, Mr.